Hello, World

I have decided.  I shall start blogging.  Again.  (More on that, below.**)  I've always liked to write and have always hated it, too.  How is it you can have so much to say and then nothing occurs to you as soon as you're in front of a keyboard?  And isn't it a bit much, anyway, trying to be an artist and a writer?  Well.  I recently spent a month in Vermont doing an art residency and as part of my social contract with supporters, I wrote a daily update of my progress.  It was intimidating at first, but I grew to enjoy the feeling of debriefing to an interested party(ies).  I also found that writing about the art I was making helped me to clarify my own thoughts about it.  So here I go again!  

**If you are interested in reading what the previous iteration of blogger-me had to say, you can find it at http://rachelharveyartist.blogspot.com/.  I was pretty hit-and miss throughout, and I no longer maintain it, but it's out there in the ether still.  The last "real" entry was in May 2012.