Yes, I do commissions!  And they are often (although not always) of a specific place.  The thing to be careful about here, though, is that anything I paint will still be through my lens and artistic interpretation. So it’s important that you (they) like my body of work as a whole, and my general style.  You could count on the painting being recognizably of a particular view, but I’m always going after the feeling/atmosphere.  I make compositional decisions, like leaving trees in or out, or shortening the distance between two hills, for example, to make the painting work.  If you took it and stood looking at the landscape, you would find differences… usually simplifications… between it and the painting.  It would not be an exact replication. 

I charge a nominal fee of $300 to do a photo shoot, but I am also happy to use your photos if they are strong enough… send them my way, and I’ll take a look!  If you decide to go this route, it’s 50% down (non-refundable), 50% on final approval.  I’d provide you with a compositional sketch before beginning to paint.