As many of you know, I have been awarded a highly competitive 4-week residency at Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT, scheduled for January 2017.  It includes private studio space, housing and board.  I am thrilled to have my work acknowledged in this way.

I was also awarded a $750 stipend from the Ford Family Foundation, which I figure should cover espresso for the month!  Seriously, I estimate expenses at around $6,000, including airfare, materials and shipping.  That’s where you come in…

A Dose of Art Every Day: just what the doctor ordered!  In consideration for any $ amount contributed, you will receive a daily email chronicling my progress.  These may include photos, philosophical ramblings (natch), reviews of local espresso (and perhaps my fellow residents, names altered to protect me from litigation) and my take on Vermont winters.  (I’ll have to remind myself that I picked the month of January.) 

A chance at an Original Painting: In addition to the Daily Dose, I will be giving away an original oil painting.  Probably in the 24x24” range, created by me during the residency, ready to hang.  Shipping included.  For every $25 contribution, your name goes in the hat (e.g., if you contribute $50, your name goes in twice).  Enter early and often!
(You can send me a check, or use a credit card via Paypal or Square--let me know the amount and I’ll issue an invoice to you.)

I am excited to be in the studio for a solid month, can’t wait to see what comes of it!  I'm leaning towards a series of abstracts and impressions based on my current body of work. Bold shapes, intersecting lines, contrasts of color, light and shadows already inspire my paintings...this may be a good time to push those boundaries.

Take the journey with me, gain insight into my creative process and be a part of what results.  It’s going to be fun!

Warmest Regards,